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At 3:30 PM yesterday (2014-07-22), from Schneider France headquarters of  Quality&Customer Satisfaction Director Marie Jo, Pascal and Partner Business/Industrialization Gilles, Asia Quality&Customer Satisfaction  manager Serge and Schneider Electric (China) the customer relations department, quality department of supply chain line 13 people 2 department of our company in hubei assembly to the scene of the strict censorship. First of all, in the conference room, the guests to listen to a long letter of the profile of the company, is interested in some of the guests had in-depth the topic of communication. Then the guests at the scene of the production of long letter in 5 s management, abide by the benchmark, quality control, technical standards and logistics management and so on has carried on the review. After two hours of censorship, the guests of the long field management given the affirmation, think long letter conform to the Schneider manufacturing standards, long letter has the ability to provide Schneider products to meet customer requirements. Guests at the same time for long in improving production efficiency, technical renovation has made achievements gave high evaluation. Guests also encourage us to keep and continuous improvement, to satisfy the customer different periods of growing demand. Finally, the guests wish to further deepen cooperation, common development and progress.
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