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Recruitment general manager assistant 1


1 a strategic management, organizational change management, project management, management capacity development and training;

2 five years related industry enterprise administration management experience, 2 years related working experience.

3 wide range of knowledge, knowledge structure more comprehensive, has the rich experience and management experience;

4 has the high comprehensive quality, to be able to quickly master and the company business related knowledge;

5 good English and Chinese speaking, reading and writing ability;

6 skilled in the use of office software;

7 have stronger organization, coordination, communication, leadership and excellent interpersonal and social activities and the keen insight;

8 strong judgment and decision-making, planning and execution ability;

9 the good team cooperation spirit, honest and reliable, decency, have affinity, strong ability to work independently and public relations ability;

10 the public relations, the administrative management, enterprise management related bachelor degree.  


Recruitment business representative (salesman/sales) is some

Degree grade: college graduate or above

Age requirement: 22 years old to 32 years old

Position properties: full-time

Professional requirement: marketing, electronics, and other related professionals

Basic requirements:

1: decency, outgoing personality, active, cheerful, and communication ability.

2: hard work earnestly, the thought is agile, ability to learn.

3: work steadfast, responsible, motivation, a sense of responsibility and professional spirit.

Related working experience and skills:

4: a pioneering spirit, business ability, a electronic appliances, low voltage electric appliance, mobile communications industry experience is preferred.

5: with strong communication ability, good professional ethics.  

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