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On August 20, 2012, my company formal and Digiwin Soft the sign ERP software management system software and service contract.

The company in the market remains weak, the prospect of the unknown premise, to make such a far-sighted decision, expect to be able in the company future management, to achieve the company internal process maximum optimization, regulate the internal business processing procedures, improve work efficiency, form company to unify, the mobile information platform, and quick to cope with the market changes, in order to enhance the overall management level, the company have sustainable development prerequisites.

In this management system online after a long time, because of the need of management software, may be in business and related process to you together manufacturers and customers bring some inconvenience, in this sincerely hope that you can give to understand and support. Because the success of our work or not, to a large extent depends on your close cooperation and together. And we can be successful operation of ERP system, believe that also can give your work and business to bring a lot of convenience.  

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